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This amphibious sentient humanoid race is named after the fact that a Pan-Mideastern expedition led by researcher Eli Cohen made first contact with their homeworld on the eve of Rosh Hashana in 2410 ADE (“Yom Tov” being the Jewish term for “Holiday”). It’s also easier to pronounce than their name for the world, since Yomtovians have multiple sets of vocal chords (in fact there are barbershop-quartet-like groups of human linguists that specialize in reproducing Yomtovian language). Yomtovians can easily learn to speak human languages(though it sounds like a couple of people talking in unison), and address all non-Yomtovian races as “Skyfarer”.

As the Yomtovians were a race that had not yet discovered space travel, it is debated whether we should have made first contact in the first place. Over the last century, however, Yomtovians have cautiously made their way to the galaxy at large, and a couple have even served in several capacities within the Alliance.

Yomtovians off their homeworld prefer to take Jewish names, as their own strange sign of respect to the team that discovered them. There is even a Eli Cohen Academy of Xenolinguistics in New Jerusalem, the main spaceport on Yomtovia.


Homeworld – Avan’iia

The Avan’ii are a humanoid race with pointed ears, standing at an average height of 5’6”. They usually have almond-shaped eyes with pupils that are slightly feline; the iris can be almost any color. Their range of skin color is similar to that of humans. Avan’ii hair is commonly shades of red, sometimes two-toned or striped and worn at any length although long hair is considered traditional for both males and females. This race is considered exceptionally physically attractive by many other races including humans.

Avan’ii are very sensitive to the natural forces of the universe, and are often adept at reading others’ thoughts and emotions with innate telepathy. This mental and emotional sensitivity, combined with their natural grace and beauty, make Avan’ii good candidates for diplomats and ambassadors. Telekinesis also occurs fairly often among the Avan’ii, although some are more adept at this than others.

Harmony is important to the Avan’ii, and they strive to maintain balance, especially on their homeworld. Their architecture and technology usually have an organic look and feel, blending nicely into the natural lush landscape. The Avan’ii are not naturally a belligerent race but martial arts are practiced often and an Avan’ii can fight fiercely if need be.

Avan’ii are always seeking new knowledge, and are fairly open-minded to new ideas and theories. They generally do not have strict gender roles, and while one male and one female are needed for procreation, same-gender couples are not uncommon and are perfectly acceptable in Avan’ii society. An Avan’ii may also form intimate bonds with a member of another race, and while this is rather rare, it is not prohibited.
Avaniia World Notes

New Planet: Centurion 46: Human Colony
This planet, largely colonized by humans, began as a mining expedition in an unexplored region of space. Upon reaching it, head of operations Ryan Droughman, realized the utter beauty of the planet and suiting atmosphere on it, as well as the surrounding moons. He immediately stopped the operation, and informed Earth of his find. It soon became a booming economic epicenter in the universe, using its rich rare minerals in order to develop new tools and weaponry, also in exchange for goods and services with other colonies. Each of the moons: Iridium, Paladium, and Coal.


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