Avaniia World Notes

Kavii’lor – huge trees native to Avaniia that have a sentient hive mind when linked together. They can communicate telepathically by anyone who touches them, but they can communicate best with species native to Avaniia.

R’salkii – merfolk native to Avaniia’s vast oceans. The r’salkii are a more tribal race than the avanii and they do not generally get involved in galactic matters. They keep to themselves mostly and are not very friendly with others outside their own species. The avanii and the r’salkii once had a war hundreds of years ago but now have treaties and agreements allowing the avanii to use the oceans for commerce and travel. However, the r’salkii still prefer that the avanii not construct many buildings too close to the oceans.

Meliaii – legendary woodland spirits/creatures in avanii folklore

kalfuraay – sweet-scented flower native to Avaniia. One of A’liyah’s favorite flowers.

Avaniia World Notes

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