• A'mala Kaelestis

    A'mala Kaelestis

    A'liyah's mother and Avanii ambassador to Earth
  • Commander A'Liyah Kaelestis

    Commander A'Liyah Kaelestis

    Adept at infiltration and psionics, A'Liyah is in command of Alpha Squad
  • Commander Kurtis "Juggernaut" Baldur

    Commander Kurtis "Juggernaut" Baldur

    A quintessential space marine, Kurtis is the CO of Drop Squad Alpha
  • Detlev (a.k.a Big Guy)

    Detlev (a.k.a Big Guy)

    A L4 Biokinetic, Detlev is the loyal bodyguard of T'Nara Lemm.
  • General Buford Lee/Lee Nova

    General Buford Lee/Lee Nova

    Former UEA vet who led a bandit group. Status: KIA in Las Vegas ruins.
  • Ione


    A trained telepathic rodent-lemur native to Avaniia, Ione is A'Liyah's constant companion, and assists her in infiltrations.
  • Jerex Proga

    Jerex Proga

    Quick witted suave quarter master. However, don't get on his bad side; He gets scary in a fight.
  • Knox Downe

    Knox Downe

    Old former UEA operative, now working as a merc. Sometimes crotchety with the young'ens.
  • Layali Kaelestis

    Layali Kaelestis

    A'Liyah's younger sister
  • Mick


    Treasure hunter and expert sniper searching for a legendary vault of poker chips in the Vegas Ruins.
  • S'Mira


    A'Liyah's friend
  • Squirrel


    Child prodigy electrokinetic hacker, being hunted by bounty hunters since escaping the lab he was kept at.
  • T'Nara Lemm

    T'Nara Lemm

    Connected to the Voice of Zinn and Earth-First movement, this L4 Telepath is skilled at getting others to join her cause.