Spirit of the Future: Drop Squad Alpha


Bullshit. This is a joke. A sick joke.
“Proga, got a new job for ya. You’ve been itching for some action, right?”
“Yeah boss, sounds good! Desk jobs SUCK!”

Less than 24 hours later, I’m branded as a traitor, shot out of a ship, and presumably all of my stuff is gone. Blown up on impact. The only way to find out for sure is to go look.
Now I’m stranded on planet clusterfuck which is apparently a prison or something. We’ve already been hunted once in the hour that we’ve been here.
At least these guys aren’t some snobby assholes. They enjoy the thrill of the fight.
And the woman… Lieutenant. She is something else. Born into a family of ambassadors, privileged more than most, yet she chooses the life of a warrior. Someone to hold in high regard. Commander has also earned himself a spot on my wall of approval. I suppose I’m in good company.
And the kid… He’s got good intentions, just some paranoia…. a lot. of paranoia. I haven’t had a sibling in…. practically ever. But I think I’m gonna be playing the big brother. I pretty much made a promise to myself to keep an eye out for him…. even if he doesn’t agree with the method at the time. (I know you read this, kid)

Hah. Chin up, soldier. Time to wade through the shit.


amstein99 bryan_kinnee

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