Spirit of the Future: Drop Squad Alpha

Jerex Proga Personal Log

First day on the job

So, this day happened….
First of all, Colonel is black. That’s pretty much all I have to say about that.
You probably don’t understand the level of black I’m talking about. He is the night. He is Justice. He is…. Sanders.
Anyways, got introduced to the crew. Definitely the kinda place I wanna be. Got the best of both worlds. Parties, potential nuclear crisis, and the commander has a sick ass gun. Like that thing is beautiful.
It was a pain in the ass to get all of my inventory transferred onto the ship, but a man is his business, right?
The lieutenant is…. wow. Yeah. she’s smokin’. Not sure about the whole alien thing… But I’m open to new things. haha.
Not quite sure where the Kid plays into all of this, but holy shit is he weird. I’m sticking to the safe side of keeping the peace between us, Cuz he doesn’t seem like the kinda person you want mad at you. Then shit just gets annoying. If there’s one thing I hate more, it’s having to go old-school after all your shit malfunctions. Can’t even count the assassinations involved where I got EMP’d and had to just kick ass and chew bubble gum… but for this one, I just gave him the gum.
(P.S. Met the chef in a closet. She has more than one gift, I can tell ya that)
-Shipping out to first mission, I’ll let you know how it goes.


amstein99 bryan_kinnee

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