Spirit of the Future: Drop Squad Alpha

....I can make this work

So… I’ve apparently come to terms with the terrible luck that this entire team tends to collect.
I finally managed to catch the eye of that gorgeous Avanii Woman. Since landing on their planet, I have come to know more about their culture and it’s quite beautiful.

I digress, So I’m on this date, and right before I can take a sip of a beautiful vintage, Military storms the restaurant and drag me away! During the entire ordeal all I can think is “Baldur is gonna be soooooo pissed.”

In the prison, I was stripped down bare and left in what was an almost seemingly organic stone cell with a mattress. I then took some time to think about who I would want to call and how I’d manage to get out. It dawned on me. Realizing that time was short and the alliance was on its way, I began to gather a plan together and made my call.

After I had set the plan in motion, I realized that there were non-lethal rounds in my chest, and that Baldur was totally going to want them, so I winced and smiled simultaneously at the image. As I lay in my cell, discussing human anatomy to an Avanii guard, I heard the dislodging of an air-vent cover and smirked slyly.
After the disposal of the guard, A’liyah and I had to fight our way out, me grabbing my gear on the way. (And yes, I was in the buff as she opened my cell. The look on her face: Priceless)

Once back at the estate, I saw the condition of the kid and my heart sank. What had I done to lead to this? I was so confident everything would go acording to plan. I made sure that he was secure and taken care of before leaving his side. And only then did I leave upon hearing that those Italian IDIOTS had returned. I was sick of their bullshit, and mad about the condition of the kid, so I put together my rifle, certainly in the “extreme prejudice” kinda mood. As the LT and Commander Fought, I lined up my shot and took the big one in the chest, shattering his armor and taking him down.
After the fight commander had me thrown in the prison…. (THE PERSONAL ESTATE PRISON! what the fuck, who has that?!) I don’t mind though. I have a lot more to think about. A lot more than myself; for the first time in a long time…


amstein99 bryan_kinnee

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