Spirit of the Future: Drop Squad Alpha

Cmdr A'liyah Kaelestis Personal Log

It’s been a week since the battle on Asgrad where we cleared our names of criminal charges. I’m still settling into my new role as commander of Drop Squad Alpha aboard the Mjolnir, but things are going well. We held a memorial service for Knox Downe. It was brief, with much alcohol involved, just the way we would have wanted it. We also all got a little recreation time, part of which Baldur and I spent together.

I feel as if a chapter of my life had ended. I find myself having trouble finding words in Avan’ii or Basic to describe what has happened to us. In a nutshell (as humans says), it was a crazy, wondrous, insane, glorious ride. I’ve met interesting people and lost friends along the way. I endured a lot to save the galaxy, and I’m a better person because of it. I guess that’s what Drop Squad Alpha is all about. I hope history remembers us.


amstein99 Rivennlia

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