Spirit of the Future: Drop Squad Alpha

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I have been having what I believe are called dreams or maybe they’re called nightmares, I’m not sure, but I can’t remember them when I’m awake. I have decided to use a neural imager to capture these dreams/nightmares so that I can research them and better understand what I am experiencing.

Dream Sequence 1:

All I see is a bright light shining directly at me I hear muffled voices with no discernable direction I can’t feel anything or move my body at all.

“Sir I think the subject is concious.” One voice says

“Nonsense the subject is sedated and any mental stimulation would show up since we are directly connected to his $^&*%.”

What was that last part? Why do I feel so strange? Where am I? I hear foot steps somewhere and a new voice.

“Hows subject #^$&*! doing today?”

“The surgery was sucessful and we are seeing interesting side effects, so we may need to open him up again to see why these occurances are happening.”

“How long until he is combat ready?”

I can feel my heart start beating faster in my chest like a piston at the mention of those words, but I don’t know why, I move my eyes around but I can not see anything but the bright light.

“Sir the subject’s heart rate is spiking!”


I see a silouette stand infront of the light for a brief moment.

“There seems to be volentary eye movement.”

“Is the subject aware of our pressence?”

“No sir, but to be certain I’ll increase the sedative.”

I feel a strange sensation seem to flow into me as my eyelids become too heavy to keep up. Before I become consumed by the sensation I hear loud noises followed by two duller sounds.

“Well hopefully your next care takers are less incompetent.”

Dream Sequence 2:

I am in a strange room the walls are white, and I can’t see where the light is coming from. I’m sitting on the floor barely able to keep my eyes open for some strange reason. After some time I hear voices again, but clearer than before.

“Subject seems to have regained some self-consciousness after test number !$#$ whether this is a side-effect of the #$^% or his own personal will has yet to be determined.”

There is a low ringing sound, but I can’t tell from what direction.


“How did you get that device past security?”

“It was part of my contract to work with these people to always be reachable by the higher-ups. Yes sir?”

“How is our little experiment today?”

This new voice sounds odd some how. I can hear him…or maybe her, but I know something is wrong with the voice.

“The subject seems to be building a natural resistance to the drug we are using. I’m hesitant to increase the dosage for fear of having to start over from scratch again.”


“Doctor the subjects heart rate is slowly increasing.”

“That’s strange we haven’t introduced any stimuli yet today.”

“Doctor would you humor me for a moment, I have a theory I would like you to test for me.”

“I don’t see why you bother to ask sir, this is your project.”

“Excellent. Push the subject right now.”

I feel a strange sensation for a mo…Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrgh. After some length of time I realize I’m laying on my side. I can’t see anything because all the light is gone only darkness surrounds me, but I can still hear those three voices.

“…Incredible sir, all the instruments we’re using to monitor the subject have overloaded even with all the protection. Your theory seems to be sound.”

“Wonderful, oh is your assistant there?”

“Yes sir.”

“Would you ask how her son is for me?”

“The director is asking how your son is? I didn’t know you had a son.”

“Oh…yes he is fine, but I prefer to keep my work and personal life separate.”

“She says he is fine. Is there anything else sir?”

“No, just good bye doctor.”

That loud noise again and that duller noise again.

“Are you there my dear?”

“Yes Director. Though the doctor has unfortunately committed suicide.”

There is a faint clicking noise.

“How unfortunate. It says here in his file he had a wife and child as well, do give them my condolences.”

Another faint clicking noise?

“Understood sir.”


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