Psionic Stunts


  • Some people in the Galaxy are gifted with amazing psionic powers. These abilities sometimes come naturally to a person, or they can be induced through either intense training, implants, or prolonged chemical stimulation of particular parts of the brain. The abilities cover the realms of Body, Mind, Matter, and Energy.
  • Psions are seeked out by government as well as private business for various purposes(most high-stakes business negotiations don’t take place without a Telepath on each side, just in case the other side has one in their employ).
  • There is a long history of rumors concerning the poor treatment of Psions at the hands of secret government training programs. There are further rumors of natural-born psions being abducted from their families to have their brains studied in order to further the artificial variety. Other issues with psions include the registration and classification of their powers.

For the purposes of categorization, Psions are roughly classified by their power as well as their level of manifestation. It so happens that those possessing a particular level of manifested abilities will also possess proficiency with the manifestations of “lower” levels, providing researchers with a convenient rating system, using 4 levels of ability. It is worth noting that while people manifesting L1 and L2 psionics are fairly common, L3s are very rare, and L4s are almost unheard of:

Telekinesis (-2 refresh per level) “Catch!”

  • Level 1

Mind Strike: Allows use of Resolve to make physical attacks and maneuvers. Attacks can be made against targets in an adjacent zone.

Phantom Grasp: Gives Resolve skill the “Lifting Things” and “Breaking Things” trappings as per the Might skill, except without needing to touch the object in question. See pages 257-258 of the SotC rulebook. (Keeping an object suspended is considered a supplemental action, with the penalty to your primary action depending on the size of the object.)

  • Level 2

Kinetic Barrier: Allows use of Resolve for physical defense rolls and blocks against projectile weapons or other moving objects (such as falling rocks or flying debris), or used to cushion a fall(see p.233 in SotC). Can defend against all other physical attack skills. Blocks can be split up between multiple targets: a +5 Block could, for example, be split into a +2 and +3 respectively. Cannot be used to block energy weapons or other non-physical attacks.

Throw: Allows use of Resolve to throw objects as per the Weapons skill; this should be used in combination with a maneuver or declaration for the free tag. (As in: Declare that there’s a Bulky Crate sitting around; tag and roll a Resolve attack to throw it with a +2).

TK attacks are treated as Weapon:2, inflicting two additional points of physical stress on a successful hit. (This includes ties, because they go to the attacker, so a tie would now be a 2-stress hit.)

  • Level 3

Levitation: Allows use of Resolve for personal movement as per “Sprinting” under Athletics, except movement is allowed in any direction (free, aerial zones). Hovering in mid-air is a supplemental action every round in which it is maintained.

Excepting movement, all other TK-related uses of Resolve are at a +2 bonus.

  • Level 4

+2 to Resolve for Levitation.
TK attacks are treated as Weapon:4.

Telepathy (-2 refresh per level) “I know what you’re thinking, and it’s not gonna work.”

  • Level 1

+2 to any detection skill (Investigation, Alertness, Empathy, etc.) to defend against ambush, stealth, or any action intended to catch the character unaware or deceive the character. Targets may only defend against this with Resolve and not with any other skill.
Allows assessment actions regarding the presence and number of beings in a zone, regardless of physical impediment (like walls). Limit of one zone.

  • Level 2

Allows the “Reading People” use of Empathy on targets without a time or personal contact requirement. Limit line of sight. Target can only defend with Resolve. If successful, character will discover the aspect most relevant to the target’s current actions. The use of other skills may be required to create a situation where the target is thinking about which information the character specifically wishes to find.

Silent Tactics: For a Fate Point, Character can project a 1 to 3 word thought to an ally in the same zone.

Can use all Level 1 abilities up to two zones away.

  • Level 3

Can use Deceit, Rapport, or Resolve to make mental attacks and maneuvers against a target – these can be minor hallucinations, temporary perceptions or feelings, or direct psychic trauma. Target can only use Resolve to defend.

Allows the use of “Reading People” on any target accessible by Level 1 abilities.

Allows use of all Level 1 abilities up to three zones away.

Allows use of Silent Tactics without Fate Point cost or word limit. (i.e. full mental conversations)

  • Level 4

Mental attacks are treated as Weapon:2; a target reduced to Taken Out status through such attacks can be given mental commands. Negotiate as usual for taken out (page 68 of the SotC rulebook), except that the demands do not have to be in character for the individual – you can demand that a devout Mormon go slap his wife silly if you want, or whatever.

Allows use of all Level 1 abilities up to four zones away, or against any target that can be perceived by the character on a monitoring device, regardless of distance.

Biokinetics (-2 refresh per level) “Too slow, buddy!”

  • Level 1

+2 to Athletics for “Jumping”, “Sprinting”, and “Climbing”.
+2 to Might for “Breaking Things” and “Lifting Things”.

  • Level 2

Fists and Weapons attacks are treated as Weapon:2 in addition to other bonuses.
+2 to Athletics on combat defense rolls.

  • Level 3

Character can choose to take Armor:2 in a combat round, reducing the stress of a successful hit by 2. A character cannot use his Weapon and Armor benefits simultaneously in the same round.

Character always acts first in every exchange, unless opposed by someone with L3 Biokinetics. Compare Athletics scores to determine who goes first, then Alertness.

  • Level 4

Character can use Armor and Weapon bonuses simultaneously, or choose to have one at rating 4 for the round.

Bonuses for all Level 1 abilities increase to +4.

Electrokinetics (-2 refresh per level) “I dunno-the machines just kinda talk to me…”

Note: EKs colloquially refer to themselves as “Technomancers”; there are 2 sources for this power: natural (using Resolve) or cybernetic(theoretically), using an experimental implant called a Microintegrated Tech Emitter “MiTE” (using Engineering). No subjects to date have survived the implant procedure.

  • Level 1

Character can use Resolve (or Engineering) as either Rapport or Deceit against
machines by touching them. Resistance difficulty should be based on
the relative complexity of the system – Average for simple home or
vehicle automation, Superb or higher for large, secure mainframes.

Character can use Investigation, Burglary, or Engineering to make
assessments against a computer network as per Empathy; see guideline
difficulties above.

  • Level 2

Overload: You overload a nearby machine, causing electrical discharge or other forms of damage to a designated target. Character can use Resolve (or Engineering) to make physical attacks and maneuvers against targets in the same zone, provided there is an electronic device or conduit nearby. Character is of course free to make such declarations. Can be used against multiple targets as per autofire rules (a +5 attack can be split into a +3 and a +2, for example).

Energy Barrier: Character can roll defense rolls and perform blocks against energy weapons and other sources of energy (such as fire, shock-waves, or radiation). Blocks can be split up between multiple targets: a +5 Block could, for example, be split into a +2 and +3 respectively. Cannot be used to block physical attacks.

  • Level 3

By manipulating the electron flow in its circuits, Character can effectively turn any electronic object in the same zone into an electromagnet, allowing that object access to all the Might skill trappings. Use Resolve (or Engineering) in place of the Might skill.

EMP Blast_/_A.I. Hack: Character can use Resolve (or Engineering) to make physical or psychic attacks and maneuvers against any electronics or computer systems, range of one zone. Sentient machines can use Resolve or Endurance to resist. Machines reduced to Taken Out in this manner can be given commands as per Level 4 Telepathy above.

Overload is treated as Weapon:2

Level 1 abilities and Overload attack are extended into adjacent zones.

  • Level 4

+2 to all abovementioned skill uses. Ability ranges can be extended using a monitoring device.

Psionic Stunts

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