Spirit of the Future: Drop Squad Alpha

Lt. A'Liyah Kaelestis Personal Log

The Excalibur is gone. Crashed and burned on an unknown planet on which we are now stranded. That ship was pretty much my home for many years. Now it is no more. We saw some of the lifeboats jettison before it crashed, but I don’t know how many of the crew made it off. I don’t know if my father is alive. He was in the Excalibur’s infirmary when we had to abandon ship, trying to escape from being arrested. I guess we’re fugitives now, on the run with very little supplies. We have to try to clear our names of those false accusations that moron Van Sant declared on us. It is definitely going to be rough for awhile, but I’m sure Baldur and I can get through it. I don’t know how well the kid will fair, but I guess he’s been on the run before. I actually feel bad for the new guy, Proga. He just took this new job and everything goes to hell. Maybe once he gets over the fact that all his quartermaster inventory was destroyed in the crash he will be ok. Anyway, I think out first order of business should be getting out of this forest and finding some more supplies, but we must be cautious. . . . .

Jerex Proga Personal Log
First day on the job

So, this day happened….
First of all, Colonel is black. That’s pretty much all I have to say about that.
You probably don’t understand the level of black I’m talking about. He is the night. He is Justice. He is…. Sanders.
Anyways, got introduced to the crew. Definitely the kinda place I wanna be. Got the best of both worlds. Parties, potential nuclear crisis, and the commander has a sick ass gun. Like that thing is beautiful.
It was a pain in the ass to get all of my inventory transferred onto the ship, but a man is his business, right?
The lieutenant is…. wow. Yeah. she’s smokin’. Not sure about the whole alien thing… But I’m open to new things. haha.
Not quite sure where the Kid plays into all of this, but holy shit is he weird. I’m sticking to the safe side of keeping the peace between us, Cuz he doesn’t seem like the kinda person you want mad at you. Then shit just gets annoying. If there’s one thing I hate more, it’s having to go old-school after all your shit malfunctions. Can’t even count the assassinations involved where I got EMP’d and had to just kick ass and chew bubble gum… but for this one, I just gave him the gum.
(P.S. Met the chef in a closet. She has more than one gift, I can tell ya that)
-Shipping out to first mission, I’ll let you know how it goes.

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  • Ground Control to Major TOM
  • Wastelands: Ch 1

Looking for T’Nara, captured by Lee’s troops, busting out, meeting with the Wasteland medical team.

  • Wastelands: Ch 2

Fought Radspiders, Captured by Barbies and rescued by Elvises!

  • Wastelands: Ch 3

The siege of Memphis.

  • Vegas Ruins: Ch 1

Alpha squad finds Squirrel hiding out in the Vegas ruins. They save him from various bounty hunters who have been after him.

  • Vegas Ruins: Ch 2

Fighting H-K droids, group is introduced to Mick: treasure hunter and sniper, looking for legendary Vault of untouched poker chips in the Vegas ruins. Violent reunion between Knox and General Lee, A.K.A Lee Nova(who claims Knox abandoned him and the rest of the squad during a dangerous mission), ends with Lee getting impaled on the spike of a roulette wheel. Knox figures that the Lemm-Umbrus group needs to pay people somehow, so the Vault sounds like a good lead.

  • The Vault

DSA heads to Vault, fights their way through mechs and power armor guy with a mining laser to find that vault is empty of poker chips, and has nothing but stacks and stacks of green paper in it. They find a GPS coordinate on the power armor guy leading to the base. They get chased by the Magistrate who throws an overloaded laser pistol at them, making the whole crew white-out.

  • The Underground Base

The squad wakes up in danger and are saved by Ione, who was outside. They fight their way to the control room, passing the real vault of poker chips on the way (which distracts Mick). In the control room, they talk with Lemm and Umbrus(who shows them the nuke aimed at Geneva), but Argent gets upset, knocking out T’Nara and he and Detlev and his HKs end up fighting with DSA. The squad escapes the base, and find the nuclear missile and attempt to disarm it. They accidentally blow up the nuke remotely as they fly off in the UEA Excalibur.


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Entry 73
I beat level 72 on Astral Alchemist Adventure today, but I gotta admit I was disapointed in the boss fight. I mean come on the code for the computer console to overload the Cyber Emperor U-02 was obviously 6592154892945637219-q only a Zeta level encryption is this a baby’s game? Though the fact that they gave him the conqueror cyclone and the cyclone gun was a bit of a surprise to me, but I still mounted them on my character after I defeated him. Also I found a really old hotel building to hide out in while I’m stuck here on the wastes. No new games anywhere in the building, but I was able to find an old radio antennae I may be able to get some use out of.

Entry 74
So I made it to level 93 on Mystery Lonebattler I am kinda feeling a connection with the main character. I mean he fights people that are chasing him around for some reason that he doesn’t know and well… Any way while I was getting ready to pick up where I last left off in my game some rude bounty hunters broke into my penthouse suite making a huge mess. Seriously what is with bounty hunters nowadays I mean really no manners. I mean here I am in a really nice suite which I paid… happened to get for free and they come in and trash it. Also one of them was extremely dim-witted and used a taser on me, I think it was the G-53 model by Anderson Alternative Technology they make good stuff, anyway either he didn’t know or was being just plain stupid.
When I was trying to checkout from the hotel more of these bounty hunter creeps tried to claim my bags. Luckly I had recently watched some cool historic documents showing how some people in the old days on Earth got around by running and jumping one of them was called District B-13. Anyway I eventually made it to my radio tower and was able to contact some people with the code name Drop Squad Alpha hopefully they won’t be just a bunch of complete n00bs.

Entry 75
Ok level 103 on Bloodstained Murderer, with Skin of Amethyst and the Obsidian Crossbow was beyond disturbing for me. The part with the metal pail and the twin girl jesters made me remove the cpu from my game station and re-install everything just to make sure the game was completely gone. I started traveling with DSA, it’s what I call Drop Squad Alpha, and I have to admit when I came to this world I thought I had gone to cyber hell. These people are kinda bizarre I don’t think I have ever met people that were so disconected from the net before.
First there is the commander, Kurtis Baldur I had to hack his power armor inorder to even get them to come and see me. The guy is your typical military soldier big guy carrying an even bigger gun, but I do hope I can get a chance to take apart his power armor never have worked on an antique. After him there is Knox this guy is also military or at least he is now he seems more like some of the people that have been chasing me around. He has this cybernetic arm that has to be a custom job because I’ve never seen anything like it anywhere on the net. I hope he’ll let me do a little tweaking with it some time, and maybe even if he doesn’t let me. Finally Lieutenant A’Liyah Kaelestis and her pet Ione, best I can tell she is Avan’ii other than that she doesn’t seem very interesting.

Entry 76
This new Extra-Dimensional Grid Sim game is pretty cool I like how the maker took into account for the quantum carbon distortion factor that comes with RNA gyrotransition and tachyon oscillation. I got to fly today thanks to some very cool high tech H-K driods which I happened to salvage after DSA destroyed most of them. Later some guy that Knox seemed to know called Nova tried to capture me and kill Knox, but it didn’t work out to well for him. After which some guy named Mick showed me an encrypted file and asked if I could un-encrypt it, which I had already done by the time he finished asking. Wut a n00b!

Entry 77
So I’ve beaten a number of games ever since leaving that wasteland of a planet with the Alpha Squad. Gauntlet of Annihilation was giving me a little trouble today while I hacked this A.I. at this boring political thing in order to save the people from Quantum Fizz. Apparently people get a little upset when you “possibly” declare a possible nuclear attack at a major political gathering. Baldur seemed upset over the ordeal, and for some reason thought I was responsible. He broke my game, so I calmly and rationally explained as to why he should never do that again. They put me in a white plastic cell with no electronics and fitted me with a neural disrupter for some strange reason. When they finally released me I started scavenging parts for my new game system and happened to run into a new member of Alpha Squad he gave me gum. The Excalibur was really friendly we had a great conversation about interplanetary travel and how she wished her engines were calibrated differently so she wouldn’t feel like she was slowing down in her golden years.


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