Jerex Proga

Quick witted suave quarter master. However, don't get on his bad side; He gets scary in a fight.


Health: 4

Composure: 4

Weapons: Custom Pistol Firearms: Pride & Prejudice

1. Gun Crazy
2. Custom Firearms
3. Insider
4. Network of Contacts
5. Two Gun Joe

1. Solo-Artist
2. Moon Colonist
3. Who wouldn’t like me?
4. Alliance Quarter Master
5. Guns: Pride & Prejudice

Superb: Guns
Great: Contacts/Athletics
Good: Alertness/Resources/Report
Fair: Academics/Drive/Resolve/Endurance
Average: Engineering/Science/Empathy/Weapons/Pilot


New Planet: Centurion 46:
This planet, largely colonized by humans, began as a mining expedition in an unexplored region of space. Upon reaching it, head of operations Ryan Droughman, realized the utter beauty of the planet and suiting atmosphere on it, as well as the surrounding moons. He immediately stopped the operation, and informed Earth of his find. It soon became a booming economic epicenter in the universe, using its rich rare minerals in order to develop new tools and weaponry, also in exchange for goods and services with other colonies. Each of the moons: Iridium, Paladium, and Coal.

Born as an insignificant in a large family on the moon colony Coal, Jerex sought out information about the society he lived in, in order to make a name for himself. Early in his youth, Jerex was abandoned due to more or less being the “Odd one out” in his family, that mainly consisting of being infatuated with weapons and economics, on a planet where your sole purpose is labor and depression.
Detatched from those that were to be his one and only connection in society, he decided to take his own path, figuring if those who were supposedly closest to him would betray him, that the rest of society was bound to as well, and followed suit; becoming a mercenary and smuggler. With the increasing demand for needing people dead, and items acquired under the radar, Jerex found many people in many places, all of which respected him for his services, and paid him well.

At the first opportunity, Jerex boarded a cargo ship to take him to Geneva, the heart of the universe as far as humanity is concerned. Once there, he enlisted, quickly taking to the formalities of military, learning the proper mannerisms and niceties, quickly becoming popular amongst the political crowd. Through his connections, he quickly jumped ranks, coming to live comfortably as the alliance quarter master, where he developed his guns Pride and Prejudice. After a while, he was assigned to a new crew, and boy was he eager to do people, see things, and shoot plenty.

Jerex Proga

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