Commander A'Liyah Kaelestis

Adept at infiltration and psionics, A'Liyah is in command of Alpha Squad



Avan’ii Ambassador’s Daughter
Where’s Ione?
Natural Wonder
Avan’ii Plasma Blade


Telekinetic(Level 2)
Telepathic(Level 1)
Companion: Ione (Purple Space Ferret)
Close Companion: Ione


A’Liyah Kaelestis was born and raised on the lush planet Avaniia where she was taught to use and control her innate telekinetic and telepathic powers. Her mother and father are the Avanii ambassadors to Earth so A’Liyah was introduced to politics as well as humans at an early age. She received Ione during her brief time in the Avanii priestess order. A’Liyah always had a little bit of a rebellious streak so instead of following her parents’ footsteps as a priestess and ambassador, A’Liyah joined the UEA, to see the galaxy. In the UEA she continued to train and develop her mental powers, and was eventually promoted to lieutenant of DSA.

A’Liyah has served on the Excalibur as part of the Alpha Team with Commander Baldur for a number of years now. No one can ever tell if there is something going on between the two of them or not.

As Baldur was promoted to Colonel and captain of the new ship Mjolnir, A’Liyah now commands Drop Squad Alpha.

Commander A'Liyah Kaelestis

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