Spirit of the Future: Drop Squad Alpha

In Previous Episodes...

  • Mining colony on Phobos – The Interstellar Being
  • Farmers and Bandits Episode 1
  • Ground Control to Major TOM
  • Wastelands: Ch 1

Looking for T’Nara, captured by Lee’s troops, busting out, meeting with the Wasteland medical team.

  • Wastelands: Ch 2

Fought Radspiders, Captured by Barbies and rescued by Elvises!

  • Wastelands: Ch 3

The siege of Memphis.

  • Vegas Ruins: Ch 1

Alpha squad finds Squirrel hiding out in the Vegas ruins. They save him from various bounty hunters who have been after him.

  • Vegas Ruins: Ch 2

Fighting H-K droids, group is introduced to Mick: treasure hunter and sniper, looking for legendary Vault of untouched poker chips in the Vegas ruins. Violent reunion between Knox and General Lee, A.K.A Lee Nova(who claims Knox abandoned him and the rest of the squad during a dangerous mission), ends with Lee getting impaled on the spike of a roulette wheel. Knox figures that the Lemm-Umbrus group needs to pay people somehow, so the Vault sounds like a good lead.

  • The Vault

DSA heads to Vault, fights their way through mechs and power armor guy with a mining laser to find that vault is empty of poker chips, and has nothing but stacks and stacks of green paper in it. They find a GPS coordinate on the power armor guy leading to the base. They get chased by the Magistrate who throws an overloaded laser pistol at them, making the whole crew white-out.

  • The Underground Base

The squad wakes up in danger and are saved by Ione, who was outside. They fight their way to the control room, passing the real vault of poker chips on the way (which distracts Mick). In the control room, they talk with Lemm and Umbrus(who shows them the nuke aimed at Geneva), but Argent gets upset, knocking out T’Nara and he and Detlev and his HKs end up fighting with DSA. The squad escapes the base, and find the nuclear missile and attempt to disarm it. They accidentally blow up the nuke remotely as they fly off in the UEA Excalibur.



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